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How to Make Your Business Event Entertaining

Aug 12, 2022 | 1 comment

There are many reasons your business may be hosting an event -whether as a fundraising move, to celebrate an achievement, to host potential or existing clients, or just as a holiday function to celebrate your employees. Whatever reason you are throwing a business event, however, you must be careful that your event is actually entertaining. Everyone has attended more than one business event in their life that has been more painful than fun, and nobody wants to have to attend another one. Here are three things you can do to make your business event entertaining simply and easily.

Serve Food and Drinks

The first thing that you can do to make your business event more entertaining is to serve food and drinks at your event. When people are hungry, they tend to be less social, more irritable, and less fun. And when people have access to drinks, they tend to get more social, less irritable, and have more fun. You should cater all of your business events with appetizers at the least and with a full meal for longer events or those during a meal. You may also want to consider having a bar or at least some drink options for your guests as well.

Play Music

Another great way to make your business event more entertaining is to play music. There is a reason why there is background music nearly everywhere you go from restaurants to hotels, supermarkets to elevators, and everywhere in between. The right music can set the mood at your business event. For a fancy black-tie cocktail mixer, perhaps consider hiring a modern string quartet, or for a holiday party, you can consider holiday music fitting that holiday. Whatever you do, make sure there is some sort of speaker system, or bring your own portable speaker to play music.

Plan Activities

The final thing that you can do to make your business event entertaining is to plan activities for your guests while they are at your event. There is nothing worse than arriving at a business event only to discover that for the next three hours you will be mingling aimlessly. Plan some games, a few ice breakers, or at least one activity or speaker of some sort so that there is some focal point for your event.

Hosting a business event is an art, not a science. But it is an art that too many businesspeople are woefully underprepared to pursue. If you are hosting a business event, include these three things to make it as entertaining as possible.