Johnnie McKinley Associates LLC is a multiethnic, multigenerational collective that has helped scores of nonprofit and for-profit organizations describe themselves in numbers and stories.


We have helped them tell the story of who they are and how their assets strengthen their communities. Together, we have developed systems to track how many people they have worked with and the changes they have achieved.


For over 21 years, we have partnered with community-based organizations, school districts, state and county agencies, and national testing companies to understand the influence of factors such as culture, heritage, (dis)ability, income, and place on children’s development, on students’ achievement, and on health results in disadvantaged communities.  

Supplying services for:

> Organizational Development


> Performance Improvement Services


> Nonprofit Fundraising Proposals


> Grant Writing Services

> Event Planning and Coordination


> Conference Planning and Coordination


> Educational Consulting


> Program Development & Management

> Curriculum Development


> Curriculum and Assessments Facilitation


> Dissertation and Thesis Mentoring

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