Principal Consultant of JMA LLC and The JMA Group LLC

Dr. McKinley, Principal Consultant of JMA LLC and The JMA Group LLC, holds an Ed. D. (2004) from Seattle University in Educational Leadership with a Cognate in Business Administration and an MA ABS (1992) in Applied Behavioral Science, with an Emphasis in Organizational Development and Leading/Consulting in Social Systems from City University, Bellevue, WA. She also holds a BA cum laude from Stillman College, Tuscaloosa, AL, with dual majors in Spanish and English. Dr. McKinley’s dissertation research, Enhanced pedagogy: Effective teaching strategies for high performing African American students in an urban school district. (2004, Seattle University) was nominated for the National American Educational Research Association and the National Staff Development Council Research Awards. In that study, data from observations of 121 variables, in-person/phone interviews with 112 variables, and surveys on 106 items were analyzed using descriptive statistics, one-way MANOVA, discriminant classification, conceptual keyword analysis, and one-sample tests. These analyses helped McKinley understand how the teaching and learning strategies differentiated between the study’s principal and teacher groups and to discover how significant observation outcomes correlated with surveying and interview analyses.

Publications and Presentations based on the award-nominated research include four refereed journal, invited, and non-refereed articles and 16 Refereed and 31 Invited Conference Presentations on Academic Achievement and School Reform throughout the U.S. and Canada. Dr. McKinley is also the author of nine Technical Reports on Academic Achievement and School Reform and has made 14 Invited Conference Presentations on Youth Development, Workplace Safety, and Violence Prevention. The research and refereed articles involved submissions to Institutional Review Boards. She is currently working with thought leaders from the Puget Sound and southern U.S. States to develop a book on the Promise of Classroom Assessment for Children of Color. McKinley holds Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification from the University of WA, Tacoma, WA, and had a Faculty position from 2008 to 2021 in the University of Phoenix School of Advanced Studies’ Doctoral Program. That work also entailed facilitating doctoral candidates’ submissions to Institutional Review Boards. She holds certification from the University of WA/National Center for Quality Teaching and Learning as an Early Learning Environment Assessor and a Grant Writing and Donor Research certificate from the University of WA Tacoma and The Grantsmanship Center, Los Angeles, CA.

Partner in JMA LLC

Jonathan McKinley brings invaluable experience as a 17-year partner in JMA LLC, where he is Vice-President, Data Analyst, Communications Specialist, and Marketing Manager.  Jonathan has worked with numerous nonprofits and for-profits to research relevant marketing strategies and trained them during hands-on guided walk-throughs and self-assessments to shape their multichannel approach to fundraising and data tracking systems.

He has facilitated clients’ navigation of online resources to strengthen their marketing and development plans while coaching them on using industry best practices. Jonathan has helped them to create unique branding and segmentation for donor acquisition and funding investments, to develop Messaging Tools, and procure and develop robust CRM platforms for online and offline fundraising and donor management.

Jonathan has led recruitment and onboarding for selected JMA projects and served as a data collection specialist and data analyst for local, municipal, and national grant writing, project evaluation, and bias and sensitivity review projects. In 2020, Jonathan led JMA LLC’s development of Business and Investment Plans that secured Coakley International $900M in investments in their $200.9B Redevelopment Plan to restore retail, hospitality, and residential properties in the hurricane-damaged Grand Bahamas.

Organizational Development Consultant

Jeanette Demianew, a JMA LLC Organizational Development Consultant, holds a Master’s Degree in Sports Administration and Leadership from Seattle University (2011), Seattle, WA; a BA in Psychology from Saint Martin’s University, Lacey, WA (2005); and a BA in Criminal Justice from Saint Martin's University, Lacey, WA (2005). Her Certificates include Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) -Trainer Certificate (10/2014 – 06/2017); Career Development Facilitator Certification (12/2012 – Present); National Career Readiness Certificate (08/2014 – Present); Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) Trained Certificate (05/2015 – Present); Mental Health First Aid Training Certificate (08/2018 – Present); and Ergonomic Workplace Assessment Trained (05/2009 – Present).

Jeanette brings experience as the DSHS Consultant on Industrial Insurance Claims, liaising with the Department of Labor and Industries to ensure that injured workers get warranted resolutions to compensation claims. She assists workers with research and navigation of their options and reasonable accommodations. As the Director of Advising and Interim Director for the Student Success Center, Demianew was one of three university retention lead persons coordinating, analyzing, and submitting data reports to guide policy administration. This work required consideration of legal, best practices, and student, university, and community needs.

As a Student Success Coach and as C.A.S.E Career Coach at Blue Mountain Community College, Pendleton OR, she managed a caseload of 3,000 students from diverse backgrounds: low-income, ethnically diverse, and disabled and corrections community members, student-athletes, and veterans at all five campuses. She helped guide them into education training career paths and navigated resources for (un/under) employed, veterans, Trade Act Assistance, and other populations.

Financial Services Consultant

Micki Greer, Financial Services Consultant, holds a BS in Accounting/Business and an AA degree in Business Compilation. Micki has held numerous leadership positions managing finance departments’ employees in institutions, such as CFO at Regal Financial Bank, where she was responsible for Financial Analysis, Payroll, Taxes, Audits, and Accounting and supervision and management of 50 employees and four departments. Likewise, as Controller at Pacifica Bank, Greer managed Financial Analysis, Audits, and Accounting; and at Rainier Bank and in various roles over 11 years, she led National and International Banking, the Controller’s Department, Accounting, Data Processing, Treasury, Foreign Exchange, and International Banking. 

Micki has led committees and served on statewide and national governing boards, bankers’ associations, and community groups throughout her career to enhance products and services and increase their funding sources. Over eight years as CFO at Southeast Youth Camp, Family Services, she managed Financial Analysis, Reporting for Grants, Payroll, Taxes, Audits Camp, and Accounting for the non-profit. As the current Principal in Bookkeeping and Accounting Services Business, she specializes in Grant Accounting and Policy and Procedures for Non-Profits and provides training and development of Accountants and Bookkeepers.

Nimao Dahir, BSW, MSW

Nimao Dahir, BSW, MSW

Executive Director of Integration Family Services

Nimao Dahir, BSW, MSW, Executive Director of Integration Family Services (IFS), a JMA subcontractor, serves as JMA LLC’s Project Community Liaison. Born at the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic, IFS is a grassroots effort by Somali childcare providers, parents, and families recognized for creating a central network of health, housing, social services, education, and employment resources and trusted support for Somali communities. Nimao has over 10 years’ experience providing early childhood education, social services, family advocacy/systems navigation, and wraparound services for low-income individuals and families. One of IFS’s premier programs is a free weekly peer-led virtual support group for Seattle/South King County Somali mothers. They have shared resources and parenting and socio-emotional support to reduce their isolation, stress, and financial insecurity in response to the conditions of
the COVID-19 Pandemic.

With grant writing assistance from JMA LLC, Integration Family Services (IFS) has acquired awards to assist scores of low-income, immigrant, and refugee individuals and families in South King County with essentials and financial assistance since the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Families have said that IFS resources have helped them cope with health fears, isolation, economic insecurity, and job and income loss due to the Pandemic.

Selected examples demonstrate the alliances IFS has built to support immigrant and refugee community members. With their $40,000 award from Building Changes, IFS provided COVID-19 emergency, financial, and social services assistance to low-income IAR families. IFS’ $25,000 award from Philanthropy NW and a $50,000 All in Washington Emergency Relief Grant provided weekly resource navigation and virtual and phone support for 75 parents to strengthen their peer connections and access to translated health and parenting resources. IFS’ All in Washington $50,000 Childcare Initiative Grant funded support for up to 100 BIPOC-owned family childcare businesses managed primarily by Somali IAR. IFS partnered with the African Chamber of Commerce of Puget Sound and Seattle Foundation to deploy $90,000 and $25,000 awards, respectively, to provide 220 BIPOC childcare providers with $500 each to purchase supplies, assist with rent and utilities and offset losses due to the Pandemic.

Dieu Nguyen

Dieu Nguyen

Project Community Liaisons

Dieu Nguyen, one of JMA LLC’s Project Community Liaisons, is pursuing a BA in Business Administration and Accounting (in progress) and holds Certificates in Accounting and Business Information Technology and a License in Disability, Life, and Personal Line Insurance. Dieu’s extensive background in Management includes experience in employee recruitment and retention, staff development, coaching, and training in the consultative sales approach.

The most important aspect of her work has been advocacy to ensure families meet their basic needs and survive and thrive. Dieu has dedicated her life to creating a more inclusive and safe space for the children and families in our communities here in Washington State. As a community leader, Nguyen has served as WA Parent Teacher Student Association(PTSA) President at Asa Mercer International Middle School since 2017, where she cultivates trusting and productive relationships with students, parents, teachers, and administration. Key Accountabilities in the PTSA have included eliminating barriers to multicultural parent representation, parent and community involvement through events, team dialogue to address racial equity for all students, and managing five executive board members, committee chairpersons, and volunteers. In her roles, Dieu initiated, developed, and supervised fund-raising to help support academic school recreational activities and presided on search committees for Principal and Assistant Principal positions.

Nguyen’s five years of experience as an agency owner of American Family Insurance – Seattle, WA, and two years experience as an Insurance Specialist at State Farm’s Luan Vu Agency – Seattle, WA, showcased her skills in leading a team, her project management skills, ability to work on multiple high-intensity projects while thriving in environments in times of transition. As an Agency Owner or Principal, she oversaw new business premium growth, renewal retention, underwriting profit, agency operation, accounting, budget, and payroll management while providing business and individual clients with insurance policies related to automobile, fire, life, property, medical and dental, and business niches such as marine, farm/crop, and medical malpractice.