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How to Host Your Own TED-Style Talks

Dec 20, 2022 | 1 comment

Are you interested in hosting big presentations and discussions on topics that are relevant and important to your community? Having events to host public talks can help to bring light to issues and concerns that people are interested in.

Here are a few tips for hosting your own TED-style talks.

Find Speakers

First, you’ll want to make sure that you can find professional speakers to give presentations at your events. Since TED talks are based entirely on the presentations made by speakers, this will be an essential part of your planning. If you don’t find speakers that will be professional and engaging, you likely won’t have a very good turnout in your event attendance.
Finding motivational and educational speakers that can connect with your audience and address their needs and questions will determine your success. Keep in mind that different speakers might have different time limitations or budgets, so take the necessary time to find speakers that fit your needs

Secure a Venue

Once you’ve found some speakers to present at your event, you’ll need to secure a venue. Make sure that you have a venue that will accommodate the guests that you expect to attend with seating, bathrooms, amenities, and more. Finding a venue that has seats available will save you from having to rent and set up seats yourself.
Additionally, if your event is going to include technological presentations, make sure that your venue can accommodate that. A venue that has built-in technology will make for a smoother experience.

Start Marketing

After you’ve secured your ideal venue and speaker, make sure that you start marketing and advertising for your event. This will help you to attract guests to attend your event. If you have a successful marketing campaign, you might even attract some vendors or contributors that could help you with future events. Make sure that you advertise your event to a specific audience to attract the best turnout. Having a theme or topic that connects your TED-style talk to your ideal audience can help you to encourage future speakers and guests to attend. Make sure that you get the word out about your event on social media to reach the most possible people
So, if you’re planning on hosting a TED-style talk, remember the tips in this article. You will need to find speakers, secure a venue, and start marketing, in addition to organizing ticket sales and hosting. This will help you to have a successful event that could even lead to a talk series or future employment opportunities.