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Essential Steps in Keeping Your Business Profitable

Mar 8, 2022 | 1 comment

Sometimes it can be hard to understand why some businesses thrive, while others slowly fizzle out. However, when you look closely at how businesses handle their finances, you begin to see a pattern. Often, it is a simple matter of too little money coming in with too much money going out. Here are three essential steps toward maintaining a profitable business.

Charge Enough for Products and Services

Determining how much you will charge for your products and services can take some serious analysis. While this research is important to understand saturation, supply and demand, and customer desires, the underlying principle could come down to a simple equation. Charge the same amount as your costs, plus profit. This method is called cost-plus pricing. If cost-plus pricing isn’t working because you continue to overestimate your sales, you can move to demand pricing. This type of pricing accounts for the level of demand. The demand then dictates the amount of product you produce. A problem that can arise here is too much demand for you to keep up with. If this is the case, you are probably not charging enough. Raise your prices and see if you can find the appropriate balance.

Control Your Costs

With any pricing method you choose, you will have to know your costs—to the penny. Underestimating your costs is a serious mistake. It’s crucial to keep track of material and labor costs in the manufacturing process. For small businesses, there are some great tools to help you. Utilize accounting software to track your finances for you. It is helpful to have a separate business banking account and credit card to keep all your expenses in one place. In addition to tracking your costs, look for ways to become more efficient to save money at each step of production. Finally, connect your business account to your software. This saves you time and money by importing your transactions for you.


While many people think that the more products and services they can provide, the more money they will make, the opposite is actually true. By narrowing your niche, you gain a more competitive edge and increase your profits. Another way to streamline is to eliminate or outsource non-essential tasks. These are the tasks that don’t add value to your company, or that are not integral components of the business.

Don’t let your business be the one that is here today and fizzles out tomorrow. Keep it profitable with strategic pricing, cost control, and streamlining. With hard work, determination, and good business practices, there is no reason for your business not to thrive.