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Ways to Show Your Appreciation for Your Hardworking Employees

You see your employees going the extra mile every day. Your best employees do not complain about overtime, are always punctual and go the extra mile to please clients. So, what can you do for your employees? Read on to see how you can improve your employees’ lives and retain them within your company.

Benefits and Perks

In order to be productive, employees need to feel that they are secure and protected. Looming fears of large medical bills or unpaid days off will preoccupy employees and fill them with worry. It is your responsibility to offer optimal health insurance and paid vacation days. Perks such as free coffee or reduced gym membership plans are a plus. Do what is possible for your budget. Employees want flexible hours and work-from-home options as well. Honoring your employees’ time comes at little cost to you and is the right thing to do. Your employees will appreciate the benefits of having employee wellness programs, paid vacation days, and a flexible work schedule.


Good employees meet your expectations, but great employees vastly exceed them by going above and beyond. As their employer, you should actively seek out these individuals and offer promotions to the most deserving. Promoting the right person can give you a new perspective on their insight. Perhaps more importantly, an employee determined to receive a promotion will work diligently to receive one. Promoted employees are more motivated due to the prospect of increased pay and career stability. If other employees are aware of promotions within your organization, ambition will become contagious among them.

Feedback and Communication

It is hard to always know what your employees are thinking about while at work. Consistent communication and performance feedback with your employees will replace assumptions with real information. Studies show that employees feel valued and a part of the organization when their employer provides meaningful feedback. Monitor your employees and give them specific feedback on their work. Whether it is a formal one-on-one or a short meeting, your employees will appreciate your acknowledgment of their hard work. By giving respectful feedback, you will also open the communication channel to your employees. Your employees may feel more comfortable speaking to you about their job performance or any other organizational challenges that may arise. In conclusion, the most effective managers are not only concerned with productivity. Rather, employers who provide excellent benefits, room for growth and meaningful communication truly understand the needs of their employees. Take time to listen to your employees for further suggestions; you just may learn something important.