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The Biggest Challenges That Startups Face on Their Way to Growth

The best career path that you can follow to gain time and financial freedom while working for yourself and providing a service to the world is to become a business owner by creating your own startup. But this is also an incredibly challenging way to make a living. Every startup faces serious challenges on its path towards success, some so difficult you may feel like giving up. But you can overcome them. Here are the biggest challenges that startups face on their way to growth and hope to push through them.

Growing the Customer Base

One of the major challenges that every startup faces on its way towards growth and success is growing the customer base. The hardest thing about a startup is you are starting with zero customers, zero brand recognition, none of it. So, you must find a way to get your name out there and customers and clients in the door. The biggest thing you can do to grow the customer base is to provide top notch products and service to your customers and get people to try it out. Whether that means sales, cold calling, or finding leads, you need people to try your business.

Retaining Employees

There has perhaps never been a time in history when it was so difficult to keep employees at your business. Employees are quitting their jobs in historic numbers, and businesses everywhere are struggling to find and keep high quality talent at their businesses. One of the best ways to keep your employees, especially as a startup, is to offer stock to your employees. A C-corp structure lets you offer stock to employees. Consider setting up your startup as C-corp so that you can offer your employees the benefits they really want to see.


Another area that startups always seem to struggle with is handling their competition. Startups are wonderful, but when another business shows up doing something similar, you need to stay ahead of the game and offer customers something that they don’t. You can’t simply rest on having a brilliant idea, you need to have the perfect thing that no other competitor can beat or include. Find your niche, find your special thing that no other business can’t replicate, and use it to your advantage.

Creating a startup is an incredible challenge. Navigating a startup through its infancy into widespread success, however, can feel nearly impossible. Pay attention to these three struggles that your startup will face and get comfortable with finding solutions for them.

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