Planning for Effective and Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning:  Strategies that Ensure Equity and High Achievement 

A necessary and expertly penned planning book and tutorial, Planning for Effective and Culturally Responsive Classrooms: Strategies that Ensure Equity and High Achievement for All Students by author and educator Johnnie McKinley, Ed. D. serves at-risk students and raises the bar on educational protocols.


A definitive guide on how to implement culturally receptive programs, this text provides benchmark research on its essentialness in classrooms, lecture halls and boardrooms. Comprised of ten chapter among five subsections including, “Expectations and Equity,” “Contextual Features and Classroom Environment,” “Instructional Planning,” and “Student-Teacher Academic Interaction,” and “Instruction,” the author explores a number of avenues of how teachers might approach instruction in response to their students’ cultures, race, gender and class.


Illuminating as a tool and indispensable as an introduction, this book has forty planning pages to assist educators as they develop action plans.

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While there are theories about how to close the achievement gap between black students and their white peers, what you need is the real low-down from frontline educators who know what works.


Here’s a book that gives you that plus a whole-school plan for raising the achievement of these chronically underserved students.


Drawing from her work with teachers and school leaders who have narrowed achievement gaps in their schools, Johnnie McKinley lays out the instructional, management, and assessment strategies that make you far more effective at educating black students.


As McKinley takes you through the steps of creating a teacher team and instructional walkthroughs, she imparts essential principles of culturally responsive teaching, such as

  • Five root causes of the achievement gap between black students and their white peers.

  • Five factors that are key to closing achievement gaps.

  • Ten most effective strategies for raising the achievement of black students.

Based on these tenets of Culturally Responsive Teaching, the book provides you with a schoolwide plan that includes

  • Instructional practices that instill content mastery by scaffolding to student’s home cultures and responding to student traits and needs.

  • Classroom contexts that support learning through positive interactions, culturally-matched discipline, and productive learning environments.

  • Assessment practices that provide constructive feedback to students to help them excel on high—stakes standardized tests.

Raising Black Students' Achievement Through Culturally Responsive Teaching 

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