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What to Do When Hitting a Major Company Milestone

Company milestones deserve to be recognized and celebrated. They are the product of countless hours of hard work and dedication. Anniversaries, acquisitions, retirements, expansions, and met goals are all excellent reasons to celebrate. Marking your company milestones is also a great way to show your appreciation to your employees. Here are three ways to make your next company milestone a celebratory occasion.

Recognize the Occasion

At the very least, you should find some way to formally recognize the occasion. This can be done during business meetings, in a company newsletter, or you could even mark the occasion by producing a video that you post on your website or social media platforms. Be as inclusive as you can. Your customers also deserve your gratitude, so find some way to extend your gratitude to them, as well. Send them an email expressing your appreciation, along with a coupon or some other loyalty reward.

Plan an Event

Major milestones such as anniversaries deserve more than simple recognition. For these occasions, consider planning an event. You might cater lunch at work, hold a special dinner, plan an award ceremony, or take your employees on a fun company field trip. Keep in mind that the venue for your special events does matter. Make sure there is plenty of room to mingle. Your venue should also reflect the mood you are going for. For example, your event space should have plenty of natural light to set the right mood.

Give a Gift

Showing your appreciation to your employees for reaching certain milestones will boost morale and improve their work ethic. Everyone wants to feel valued. You can do this by treating them to a special treat or giving them a nice gift. Try to think of something that they will actually enjoy, such as a gift card, a travel voucher, or even a monetary contribution. Better yet, give them a paid day off! Whatever you decide, make it meaningful. Do something that will let your employees know how much you truly do appreciate them.

Whether you plan a special event, give your employees a gift, or simply recognize the occasion, you can use your major company milestone as a marketing tool as well. Publicize your event to expand your outreach and grow your client base. You can do this by inviting the media to your event or posting it on social media.

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