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What Employees Want From Company Benefits

When it comes to company benefits, employees have a lot of different wants and needs. Some people want health insurance, while others want 401k matching programs. It can be tough to decide what is the best course of action for your company when it comes to benefits. Here are three of the most common desires that employees have when it comes to benefits.

Matching Retirement Contributions

One of the most common things that employees want from company benefits is matching retirement contributions. This is because employees know that they need to save for retirement and want to have the peace of mind of knowing that their employer is also contributing to their retirement fund. With matching contributions, employees feel like they are being financially supported by their employer and are more likely to stay with the company for a longer period of time.

Additionally, matching contributions can attract top talent to a company, as potential employees will see that the company is committed to helping its employees save for retirement. Ultimately, matching retirement contributions are a win-win for both employers and employees, and it's no wonder that they are so popular.

A Complete Health Insurance Package

When it comes to company benefits, one of the most common things employees want is a complete health insurance package. This usually includes medical, vision, and dental coverage. Dental insurance plans pay for treatment as long as it’s medically necessary. This can help employees get the care they need without having to worry about the cost.

In addition, complete health insurance packages also typically have lower deductibles and copays than plans that only cover medical or vision care. As a result, employees are more likely to use their benefits and get the care they need. Complete health insurance packages can also attract and retain good employees, which is good for businesses.

Time Off

In the United States, workers receive an average of 10 vacation days and 6 sick days per year from their employers. This suggests that many workers are not getting the time off they need or want from their jobs. One way to address this issue is for employers to offer more generous vacation packages. Another is to provide employees with more information about their benefits so that they can make the most of them. Either way, it's clear that giving workers more time off is good for both them and the businesses they work for.

Overall, employees want benefits that will help them save for retirement, have access to comprehensive health care, and get more time off. By offering these types of benefits, employers can attract and retain good employees, so it is always important for businesses to consider the right benefits to offer.

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