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Mistakes Corporate Event Planners Often Make

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or new to the business, it’s always possible for you to make mistakes while planning a corporate event. The best way to avoid mistakes in the future is to know what mistakes are common. You can plan for them and steer clear of them.

Going Over Budget

Staying within a budget is difficult in almost every situation. Unexpected costs always come up and you end up spending more than you intended. Going over budget for a corporate event can land your client with a larger bill and leave them dissatisfied. You need to know how to stay within a budget. To avoid overspending, you should do thorough research to know what costs to expect and then pad your budget to accommodate unexpected costs. As you plan the event, make sure you are also adjusting your budget. If something turns out to be more than you expect, adjust the budget to make other sections smaller and vice versa.

The Wrong Event Space

Another common issue is picking a venue or space that is not appropriate for the event. For starters, you want to get the right size for your event. A large event space can make your turnout look small. It can also create a more detached or in-personal feel for the guests. It’s also important to find a space that has the right accommodations or amenities. For example, if your client is giving a presentation they will need a screen, AV components, and proper seating. Talk with your client to know what their expectations are. During this conversation, you should also determine what the goal of the event is. Are people mingling? Are they working? Are they celebrating? Answering these questions will guide you to the right space.

Poor Communication

If you want an event to go well, you need to be communicating well with a number of people. First of all, everyone you are working with (the venue, caterer, etc.) needs to know what’s going on. If changes are made, make sure everyone is aware of them. You also need to make sure everyone knows what is expected from each of them. It’s essential that you are also communicating with your client. Keep them in the loop both so you know what they want and so they know what you have prepared for them.

As the corporate event planner, it is your responsibility to create a positive experience for everyone involved. You can do a better job of this if you know what mistakes you should be looking out for.

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