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Matters That Can Complicate a Prospective Hire

When it comes time to find a new worker at your business, you of course want the best employee you can possibly find. Prospective hires will always try to present themselves in the best light possible to convince you that they are that ideal employee. It's not always easy to tell exactly who the best will be, but there are a few red flags that can help you start to sort through the options. Let's take a look at a few matters that can complicate a prospective hire!

A Resume that Raises Questions

When attempting to recruit for a position, one of the trickiest obstacles that can arise is an applicant with a resume rife with discrepancies. This can present itself in various ways – from job hopping or large spans of unemployment to inflated educational credentials – which can question their stability, commitment and even trustworthiness. It's important for employers to be aware of these potential red flags so they make informed decisions when hiring new employees.

Criminal History

Another matter that can complicate a prospective hire is a criminal history. A candidate with a criminal record may pose a risk to the workplace, and may also be limited in the type of work they are eligible to do. For example, certain crimes, such as fraud or embezzlement, can indicate a lack of integrity, which can be a red flag for employers. However, character references can give you the confidence to hire someone even when they have a record. Character references can provide additional insight into the candidate's behavior and performance, and can help you to make an informed hiring decision.

Troubling Social Media Posts

As we live in the digital age, many employers are able to gauge a potential candidate's character through their social media posts. Unfortunately, postings that include controversial statements, substance abuse or lack of respect for others may be alarming and reflect poorly on them. This can potentially weaken an applicant's chances of being hired as it shows poor judgment skills as well as professionalism and etiquette towards other individuals.

Thoughtful consideration of a candidate's background should be factored into the hiring process before making any decisions. Employers must assess potential issues such as an ambiguous resume, criminal history or concerning social media posts to weigh up both risks and benefits associated with each applicant — all the while being mindful of their organization's overarching goals and workplace environment. By taking extra time to thoroughly review applicants, employers can make informed choices that will help them succeed in their business whilst safeguarding against future liabilities.

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