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How to Know if a Job Candidate is a Good Fit for Your Company

The key to creating a good workspace is to find the right people for the right jobs. Things run more smoothly, consumers have a better experience, and employees work better together in a more positive environment. So there can be a lot on the line when looking for a new hire.

Ask About Their Past Experience

This step has two sides to it. On one hand, understanding what experience they have will help you in clear-cut ways: by knowing if they have enough experience in the specific field of this job, knowing if they are overqualified, knowing if they have peripheral experience that could be applied creatively, etc., you can make an informed decision. But you should also pay careful attention to how they talk about themselves and their career background. You will glean more about their opinion of themselves and their opinion of the job.

Get to Know Them

Many bosses or employees who are put in charge of hiring don’t utilize this step sufficiently. An interview is a valuable space of time that you can use to really get to know the applicant – beyond simply the numbers and explanations on a resume. Ask them profound questions that will require them to think on their feet and display some kind of insight related to the job position. Get a feel for them as people; try and surmise if their kind of energy and enthusiasm would be beneficial to the workplace culture you want to create. Do lots of listening, since talking too much during the interview can make it harder to get to know the candidate. You aren’t hiring machines or resumes or cutouts. You’re hiring individuals with fully realized lives. As their employer, you will be part of that. You should know who it is you’re hiring – to a reasonable and appropriate extent.

Review Their References

People will prepare themselves specifically for interviews. They will practice and groom themselves to appear as presentable as possible. Unfortunately, they will sometimes also lie – about experience, about their weaknesses, and so on. It can be hard to really get to know someone from one or two interviews. Thus, it is good practice to check through a resume’s listed references. Call their old employers and ask questions, especially in jobs relevant to the opening they’re applying for.

Hiring can be tedious. Ultimately, sometimes you just have to make the best choice from the people available to you. Other times, the perfect candidate might fall into your lap! Regardless, you should trust the process. Be thorough, careful, and judicious, and you will do the best with what applicants you have.

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