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How to Encourage Employees to Stay at Your Company

If you run a business, one of the best things you can do for your company is to keep your employees at your company. Frequent employee turnover halts productivity and makes it more difficult to get things done in your company. Incorporate these added benefits to encourage employees to stay at your company.

Use a Retirement Contribution Vesting Schedule

One way that you can motivate your employees to stay at your company is by using a retirement contribution vesting schedule. This creates a timeline wherein your employee can become the full owner of their retirement plan. If your employee leaves the company at any time before they are 100% vested, they will lose the percentage of money that you contributed as their employer. This type of schedule is great for employers because it rewards your employees for staying with the company. It also doesn’t require much extra work on your part, making it easy to implement.

Issue Stock Options

Another way you can encourage employees to stay at your company is by issuing them stock options as benefits. If you allow your employees to become investors in your company, they automatically become more interested in seeing the company succeed. They have the opportunity to benefit directly when the company does well and add on to their income through these stocks. This is a great benefit you can give employees that shows them how much you value their work. It also motivates them to keep their productivity levels high so that the company succeeds. C-corps allow you to issue different types of stock to different employees.

Regular Raises and Bonuses

The final way you can keep your employees at your company is to provide them with regular raises and bonuses. As much as other benefits are helpful to your employees, they still need to be able to provide for themselves. Giving regular raises and bonuses compensates your employees for the hard work they’re doing, and shouldn’t be too difficult for you. If your employees perform well, your business will do better. This will allow you to make more money and have more of a budget for paying your employees. These small additions to your employees’ salaries help them make more money and feel more appreciated in their positions within your company.

As a business owner, one of the most frustrating things you have to deal with is employee turnover. If you are constantly cycling through employees, your company’s productivity will suffer greatly. To help your employees remain at your company, consider these benefits.

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