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Commercial Property Red Flags That Might Pose a Safety Issue

When you’re shopping around for the best commercial property that you can afford, you need to be aware of some common pitfalls. A lot of more affordable properties are going to come with parts and pieces that need repair or maintenance. Here are some of the biggest red flags.

Old Electrical Wiring

The basic functions of the property should be your first priority. Check out all the utility systems, like HVAC, heating, plumbing, and electrical. Dependable electricity is absolutely essential for any kind of office space. Even if your commercial property isn’t necessarily an office, electricity is needed anywhere that employees work regularly.

Older wiring that hasn’t been replaced or checked in a while offers a real risk of dying on you, which would cost you countless hundreds or thousands of dollars to repair and replace. In a worst-case scenario, older wiring can even start fires.


This one is important to check no matter the status of the property. Considering the widespread issues that water damage can cause, it’s better to be safe than sorry! The first thing to look for is warping or discoloration in the ceilings and walls. Don’t forget to check the attic or basement.

Mold is definitely an indication of a problem–even if it doesn’t stem from a leak, it means there is a moisture buildup that shouldn’t be there. Check outside as well; visible damage to the roof is a good sign it needs immediate attention. The roof is where the elements are most likely to penetrate and damage the property. The longer a leak is left alone, the more widespread the resulting damage can be.


This issue isn’t normally as common in urban or industrialized areas as it would be in the countryside, but you might be surprised just how many office buildings run into problems with pests. This is especially an issue in older, more run-down buildings that haven’t been maintained well. If any kind of food is kept in the building–whether for the employees’ meals or for the business itself–you should be especially on guard. Pests can cause a variety of health problems. Mice, rats, cockroaches, ants, and termites are some of the most common pests.

It’s up to you to spot red flags when shopping around for your company’s best commercial property. It’s also up to you to do something about it. Talk to an expert and consider your options. Know how much money, time, and effort a given problem will require, and then make your decision.

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